The 2020 Florida Travel Choices Awards were presented at 2020 Florida Commuter Transportation Virtual Summit on September 15, 2020.

The Florida Travel Choices Awards recognize excellence in Florida public transportation. The Florida Travel Choices Awards recognize excellence in three categories:

  • Marketing
  • Innovative Program
  • Leadership

  • 2020 Travel Choices Awards

    Marketing Excellence:

    2019 Not So Noisy Bike Week, Florida Department of Transportation District 5 – reThink Your Commute

    The Not So Noisy Bike Week was a celebration of bicycling at the colleges and community of Daytona Beach, Florida.  The week included campus events at Daytona State College, Bethune-Cookman University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where students, faculty and staff could learn about the reThink Your Commute program as well as campus cycling resources.  Participants were also able to receive safety information from FDOT’s Alert Today Alive Tomorrow, get fitted for a free bike helmet by the River-to-Sea TPO and view products from a local bike shop. 

    The week-long celebration culminated with a group ride on Saturday morning led by instructor Reginald Mells and supported by the Daytona State Police Department.   One key objective for this event was to increase participation in the bike ride from the previous year and this goal was achieved with over 30 riders.

    Innovative Program:

    Community-Driven Travel Behavior Change Initiative, Florida Department of Transportation, District 5, reThink Your Commute

    The primary work of FDOT District 5’s reThink Your Commute program focuses on decreasing drive-alone car trips during peak hours among individuals commuting to work. However, non-commute trips, such as discretionary trips for errands and family visits, account for approximately 80 percent of all drive-alone trips in Central Florida.
    Understanding the need to reach an audience beyond the work commuter to affect change, the reThink Your Commute team piloted a community-driven travel behavior change demonstration program, employing individual social marketing (ISM) strategies and behavior change principles. The pilot program’s objectives focused on testing the following:
    • Test the ability to introduce an ISM program in two locations – a community with accessible travel options (lower barrier for adoption) and a community with limited options (high barrier for adoption)
    • Test the ability to engage residents interested in learning and exploring travel options, other than driving
    • Test the ability to influence travel behavior for all types of smart travel trips among participants
    • Test the ability to shift modes of travel and reduce drive-alone trips among participants


    Cyndi Raskin, Director of Commuter Services, TBARTA Commute Tampa Bay

    Cyndi has taken the very important Commuter Assistance Program that encourages commuters to choose an alternative to driving alone and rebuilt it from the ground up. In just over one year she, with the support of TBARTA staff:

    • Rebranded the program to Commute Tampa Bay
    • Established program standards
    • Hired a professional sales team
    • Created all new sales and marketing materials
    • Written website copy
    • Created analytic reports to monitor program and team performance
    • Implemented a contact management system
    • Built and strengthened key relationships with local partners and agencies
    • Created a workplan for FDOT funding approval
    • Appeared in several promotional press stories
    • Introduced a new ridematch platform
    • and made the Commute Tampa Bay program a hallmark of good government in the Tampa Bay area.