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Commuter Services

Temple Terrace Community-Based Transportation Coordinator

The Temple Terrace Community-Based Transportation Coordinator (CBTC) Program is a rewarding opportunity for community members to get hands-on experience with Neighborhood2Go staff to reach out to Temple Terrace residents and earn extra income in the process.  CBTCs representing the Neighborhood2Go Program offer information to encourage people to use a variety of modes to get around Temple Terrace.  CTBCs also present safety information and encourage people to safely share the road.


Each CBTC will be paid based on the number of households reached.


The CBTCs role will be to speak with interested households about their current vehicle usage and guide households to make behavior changes.  Ideally, the CBTCs will be individuals who use transit, bicycle, etc. to help establish their credibility with the household member they are communicating with.  CBTCs will offer personalized assistance to each household to encourage behavior changes that best fit their lifestyle.


CBTC representatives have access to a wealth of walking, biking and transit information, and get the opportunity to expand their skills.  We encourage anyone who is interested in active transportation and likes to engage with the public to apply.


Selected applicants will receive online and in-person training covering information and skills necessary to talk with Temple Terrace households about all transportation options.  This training will be scheduled in January.  Please contact Amy Lester at (813) 974-6423 with any questions.  More information.


Please complete the application below if you are interested in participating in the training to be a Temple Terrace Community-Based Transportation Coordinator.

Application Form