Commuter Choice Certificate The Commuter Choice Certificate program provides the most comprehensive training program for transportation professionals involved in managing demand for our transportation systems. Much of the coursework is taught in a live webinar format.  Self-paced modules are under development.  The course is free for Florida residents.  Non-residents may participate for a nominal cost. See 2020 Schedule and Registration.

Social Marketing in Transportation Certificate This new certificate was developed jointly by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research and the Florida Prevention Research Center/Center for Social Marketing.  These courses blend theories of change, research, and case studies to help transportation professionals develop social marketing programs to address some of society’s most challenging transportation behavior-related problems. This certificate will also provide you with a people-centered social marketing plan that relies on insight and understanding as much as on data for the creativity, design, and management of programs that strive for changes for good. This certificate uses a series of weekly live 1-hour webinars with assignments and a mandatory attendance at a multi-day workshop in Tampa. The course is free for Florida residents.  Non-residents may participate for a nominal cost. More