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Benefits of Belonging to the TRANSP-TDM Listserv

TRANSP-TDM listserv is an electronic communication tool that allows individuals interested in transportation demand management (TDM) to communicate and share information via email with their peers. Some of the benefits of a listserv include:

  1. Deliver an efficient communications channel to your TDM peers: A listserv enables groups of people to communicate with each other efficiently and easily. Members of the group can quickly send messages to everyone on the list via email, and everyone on the list can read and respond to those messages as needed.
  2. Build the TDM Community: The listserv helps build a sense of community among 1,850+ members. By sharing information, opinions, job openings, and events, listserv members can feel more connected and less on an island.
  3. Provide a means for collaborative problem-solving: Think of the listserv as providing you with TDM expertise on-demand.   The listserv is used to discuss and solve problems that affect your program. Members can ask for advice or help.  Others can offer suggestions, examples, referrals and solutions.
  4. Ease of use: The listserv is easy to use, especially compared to other communication tools like social media platforms or discussion forums. You have control over when to post and how to receive these communications.  For example, with a “regular” subscription, you receive individual postings immediately as they are processed by the listserv.  With a “digest” subscription, you receive larger messages (called “digests”) once per day. These “digests” are collections of individual list postings.  Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a multitude of individual postings. 
  5. Offer only free subscriptions:  You neither need to belong to any particular group to subscribe to the listserv nor pay to subscribe. We don’t sell or share our membership list.
  6. Provide “firm but fair” oversight:  While the list owner approves subscribers, TRANSP-TDM posts are unmoderated.  We will let things go pretty much as they will but step in from time to time when well-established rules are crossed (e.g., obvious commercial advertising).
  7. Support readily available:  List owner at the USF Center for Urban Transportation Research is an email away if you have a question for us.  Resources include accessing the archives of past questions and answers, helping on posting, or updating your account.

Overall, the TRANSP-TDM listserv can be a valuable tool for the TDM community to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

The listserv is hosted by USF Center for Urban Transportation Research under Florida Department of Transportation’s  Florida TDM Clearinghouse program with additional support from Best Workplaces for Commuters. 

How to Join the TRANSP-TDM Listserv:

Go to http://listserv.usf.edu/scripts/wa.exe?HOME

Select TRANSP-TDM using the alphabetic index 

Click “Subscribe” link on the right column

Complete contact information

Select “Regular” for immediate post notifications or “Digest” for a daily summary.