With funding from the Florida Department of Transportation, South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) (http://www.1800234ride.com/) has created a financial incentive program to reward and motivate commuters to use alternative modes of transportation who are using the 826/836 interchange.  For example, all registered carpool groups that qualify for the 826/836 incentive plan will receive a monthly incentive, per carpooler through January 2013.  Plus those qualifying groups will be automatically enrolled in the emergency ride home program.  To qualify for incentives, your route to work must travel through the 826/836 incentive zone.  Use the SFCS 826/836 INTERACTIVE MAP to determine if your route to work travels through the incentive zone.  Simply enter your home and work addresses and click the Show Route button.  In addition, the map will provide you with information on potential carpool partners and current/future construction activities.   For more information, visit http://www.1800234ride.com/section/826836_Reconstruction_ProjectIncentive_Program/223/.

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