The 2014 Florida Travel Choices Awards were presented at the 2014 Florida Commuter Transportation Summit on March 13, 2014. The Florida Travel Choices Awards recognize excellence in Florida public transportation. The Florida Travel Choices Awards are divided into two categories:

  • Marketing Excellence
  • Innovative Program

2014 Travel Choices Awards

Marketing Excellence Award
rideOn TV campaign
West Florida Regional Planning Council
Dan Deanda
Kate Daniel
The rideOn TV campaign was developed to educate the community on this hassle-free, money saving way of transport with its RideShare and Vanpooling programs. The goal of the commercials was to communicate the safety of the program, the benefit of the emergency ride home option, and the cost saving benefits of ridesharing. Our main target audiences were young, professional women with children for the RideShare program and military for the Vanpool program.

The “Sick Day” commercial features a mom who has participated in the RideShare program, highlighting the safety of ride matches. Her son is sick at school and the mom needs to leave to pick him up, but did not drive herself to work. Utilizing the Emergency Ride Home option, she is able to safely get her son home. The overall commercial was developed to feature the safety of ride sharing programs, the ability to get a ride home if it is needed—it is often a misconception that if you carpool, you cannot get home in an emergency—and to elicit a feeling of well being. Watch video.

The “Proposal” commercial features young military men participating in the Vanpool program offered by rideOn. One of the men explains to his friend that he saved enough to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend by utilizing rideOn’s vanpool program. One of rideOn’s main areas of focus is the congested Highway 98, where there are numerous military bases. The intent of this commercial was to show the significant cost savings from participation in a Vanpool program and to also encourage riders to participate, hence reducing the congestion on Highway 98. Watch video.

Innovative Program Award
Central Florida Carshare Program
reThink Your Commute
Courtney Reynolds
The Central Florida Carshare program launched on October 10, 2013, with reThink at the helm of marketing efforts, the City of Orlando providing the parking spaces and infrastructure support, and Hertz 24/7 managing and maintaining the program. The partners selected the message of “Learn to Share Again” for the call to action, playing on the fact that sharing is something we all learned to do when we were little and that we can all learn to do again.

Between October 2, 2013 and December 31, 2013, reThink directly enrolled 172 people in the Hertz 24/7 carshare program (this number does not include the thousands of Hertz Gold Members already in the area that were invited to add the Hertz 24/7 option to their membership accounts, nor does it include any enrollments). This was done through a series of 10 Lunch & Learn presentations at employer partners located near one of the carshare vehicle locations. reThink also made 17 additional presentations and on-site demos during this time frame and benefited from a series of local media coverage.

In addition to these outreach efforts, digital ads were placed on,, and From the digital ad on alone, the “Learn to Share Again” message received 32,460 impressions.

For this first phase of the Central Florida Carshare Program, Hertz 24/7 provided 12 vehicles across six locations (two cars at each location). Our goal is to reach a 30% utilization rate within the first six months; between October 10, 2013 and December 31, 2013, we reached a 10.37% utilization rate and we are confident we will reach 30% before SunRail begins service. Below is the utilization for each of the vehicles for the time period of October 10, 2013-December 31, 2013.