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Commuter Services

Travel Choices Awards

The Florida Travel Choices Awards recognize excellence in Florida public transportation.  The awards will be presented at the 2017 Florida Commuter Transportation Summit to be held on May 3-5, 2017.

The Florida Travel Choices Awards are divided into three categories.

Travel Choices Marketing Excellence Award:

Award given to recognize excellence in Florida public transportation-related marketing including, but not limited to the following: advertising campaigns, electronic media, print media and special events. Marketing program must have been implemented within the past two years. Submissions should specify objectives and demonstrate results.

Travel Choices Leadership Award:

Award given to honor a Florida individual who has made outstanding contributions to the public transportation industry. This award may be conferred upon a public transportation policy maker or private citizen who has made outstanding contributions at the local or state level to public transportation. Describe the nominee’s exceptional achievement or contributions to the advancement of the public transportation industry.

Travel Choices Innovative Program Award:

Award given to a Florida public transportation system, commuter assistance program, transportation management organization or other Florida entity that has designed and implemented specific public transportation-related programs that demonstrate innovative concepts or effective problem-solving techniques. The program should be of proven value and adaptable for use by others. Programs must have been implemented within the past two years and submissions should quantify results.

Nomination Form



In addition to the nomination form, all submitters will be asked to prepare a short (5-7 minute) overview for presentation to all attendees. Only Florida submissions will be accepted.

One nomination form per award category.  Self-nominations are encouraged.  Additional descriptions in a PDF, Word Doc, or PPT format can be emailed to Phil Winters or Christine Epps.