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Commuter Services

  • Such actions can include offering commuters one or more alternative transportation modes and/or services, providing incentives to travel on these modes or at non-congested hours, providing opportunities to better link or "chain" trips together, and/or incorporating growth management or traffic impact policies into local development decisions.

  • In 2014, employers may provide employees up to
    $130 per month tax free or allow employees to
    use pre-tax income to purchase transit passes.

  • Commuters who bicycle to work on a regular basis may be reimbursed by their employer up to $20 per month for eligible expenses.

  • Employers may provide up to $130 per month to employees who commute in 7+ passenger commuter highway vehicles and carry at least 4 people, including the driver.

Free Tax Benefit Guide for Commuters and Employers

The 2014 eBook from Best Workplaces for Commuters provides the information to launch a commuter benefit program. This 35-page brief will help you:
  • identify the types of commuter benefits eligible for tax breaks,
  • estimate the potential cost savings for employers and employees, and
  • learn the 8 steps to start a commuter pre-tax benefit program.
  • Download for free

Pocket Guide to Florida Transportation Trends and Conditions – 2013

The Florida Department of Transportation Office of Policy Planning is pleased to release the Pocket Guide to Florida Transportation Trends and Conditions – 2013 (pdf)

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